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Mobilities as pathways
to hidden competences

Mobilities as pathways to hidden competences

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mobilities as pathways to `hidden competences‘


The project aims at the development of local and regional supporting structures and digital instruments for the acquisition of key competences in vocational training for young people with special needs, by taking part in national and international internships.


The project deals with the development of a concept for individual and professional development of disadvantaged and disabled youths through mobility abroad which is often not envisaged for this target group. For disadvantaged youths, the specific potentials of mobility can especially be seen in the achievement of employability on the one hand and the development of social- and self-competence on the other hand.
In myVETmo the European partners from Finland, France, Germany, Spain and Turkey are collaborating on inclusive targets for the development of their regional VET: high-level educational supply for learners who need special support.

The cooperation is organized according to the methodical approach "Arena of Innovation" (AoI). In this approach, researchers join practitioners of vocational training, which provides the basis for high quality results, e. g. innovative means in initial vocational training and further education.

The partners are innovative developers of new methods, of their organization and practices toward multi-professional networks to support vocational learning and employment of the target group.

It can equally be determined that work experience abroad requires a special effort by disadvantaged youths and can therefore be seen as a special feature. At the moment the mobility of disadvantaged groups is based on the special dedication of educational institutions and their staff and is just in some exceptional cases an explicit ingredient of training and exercise programs. However, an integration of preparation, companionship and post processing in the professional exercise programs seems to be an important precondition according to the intense pedagogical coordination effort.

The international team develops three instruments for preparation, implementation and post-preparation of regional and international phases of practical training: the "Students' Navigator", the "Video-based Self-presentation" and "Guidelines for Inclusive Mobilities".

Apart from product development, the project also fosters competences of stakeholders in vocational training regarding digital instruments in inclusive vocational training. Institutions focusing on such training are enabled to include practical learning phases (also abroad) in their curricula to provide their students with better transition to work and further education.

The project is supported by the European Commission in their ERASMUS+ programme (Strategic Partnerships in Vocational Education).

Project title:
myVETmobility - mobilities as pathways to `hidden competences‘

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Project period:
31/12/2016 – 30/12/2018

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